Wednesday, November 3, 2010

You Need to Read This

How's your evening/morning? Welcome to our new readers in Malta, Australia, the U.K., Taiwan and South Korea.

Dealing with triggering stuff okay? Our sources say be extremely careful because the level of this is really high. If you don't have to look/read/listen to something, don't. It's not worth it.

Other than sports and job hunting stuff, we literally can't handle anything else. Music for maybe 20 seconds at a stretch. Then we turn it off. Is there one reason for that? We don't know.

Just an opinion. But nobody else is going to look out for your balance. Do everything you have to to protect yourself. This means stocking up on herbal supplements, white tea and magnesium. Magnesium is one of the best things you can take to keep many parts of your system in balance.

Another idea. Use selective activism to say something and protect yourself at the same time. There are only so many ways to say how come the left won't get their s**t together? We're not responsible for that. It's a common thing for trauma survivors to want to save the world.

Unfortunately, it doens't work like that. Which means take things in tiny segments and work on them. That way, you feel better overall and there's less risk of your healing being messed up in some way.

How are you coping in your part of the world? Is your govt. close to going bankrupt? How do you keep your stress down? For us it's a matter of priorities.

More on the way.

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