Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Nightime Edition

Hi and how's it looking? If it's anything other than the usual rubbish, we want nothing to do with it.

With symptoms, deep breathing helps some with adrenalin surges. Maybe though it's that everything feels like it's flooding out? We constantly fighting to maintain our balance.

Everything still has to be screened. We don't go into some stores anymore unless we have to. Why? Because frankly a lot of their product (books, magazines, etc.) is really offensive. Now, do we have the time to singlehandedly take on a corporate boycott (along with everything else)? No. Instead we use selective activism. Just go elsewhere and protect yourself.

A lot of well meaning and reasonably informed progressives are saying, we all have a responsibility to change things. While in theory that's true, what's reality?

Some of us are more rich and powerful than others. This means that to actually mount an effective united movement to change the status quo, you have to have a "name" in front.

Name one famous progressive person that's willing to risk their career to do the right thing. We can't think of one. Instead, it seems like everyone's far too busy capitalizing off the endless idiotic things that the powers that be continue to do.

Our suggestion? One, protect yourself and deal with what you can. Two, everyone has to deal with the consequences of their actions. Even the rich and powerful on the left.

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