Saturday, November 20, 2010

Rules are Made to Be Broken (Contains Potentially Triggering Content)

It really is the weekend. Just when you thought it might be safe, the Powers that Be force us to break our no-triggering-content rule. It is to hopefully make a point. Please link this everywhere you can. If you quote from this, all we ask is to name us as the source.

The TSA (Transportation and Safety Administration) is working with Homeland Security and apprently the health coverage firms to combine airport searches with getting free health care stuff (screenings for colon and other problems). These are not qualified medical staff. These are hourly paid workers doing this.

Does this bother anybody?

Obama can soundbite all he wants about "Protecting the Homeland" and various other fascist slogans. But this is seriously being proposed as a way to:

Improve the lousy image of the TSA
Jack up the health care firm's profits
And make the Democrats look patriotic (instead of idiotic)?

Again, does this bother anybody?

Is this being raped? Yes it is. A complete stranger will see a naked scan of you and check for personal things that are none of their business.

All in the name of "national security" and boosting corporate profits.

What happens if you refuse to sumbit to this? Will you be arrested? Will the TSA person in question laugh in your face and say "f**k, I don't give a s**t. Go ahead and sue my ass. Lot of good it will do you, anyway"?

From a rape survivors' perspective, saying that this isn't rape is like getting raped all over again.

Now, how come millions aren't screaming about this and refusing to fly?

They can't afford to risk losing their job in which flying is a key part.
The corporate MSM has a big hangup about using the word rape. "Sexual assault" is more appropriate.
If it involves little boys and a priest who "allegedly" did it, then hype the s**t out of it for ratings. If not, kill it.

Also do any of the geniuses working for Obama realize that this is traumatic and could cause PTSD? From a legal point of view, currently TSA workers are immune from being sued.

How perfect is that? Possibly some pyscho TSA worker could get off on naked shots of you and find out about personal information.

All in the name of "national security".

And despite all of this, millions still blindly follow/believe in/worship Obama as the "Perfect President who was also the better of only two choices in 2008".

Protect yourself at all costs.

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