Saturday, November 27, 2010

With Branch Offices in Over 30 Countries

Into the holiday weekend for some. How's it looking in your part of the world? Also, hello to our readers in New Zealand. We won't get into which is better, Wellington or Auckland. The last thing we need is another intl incident.

Speaking of which, how are your symptoms these days? At times there's some clarity. But at others horrible anger and suicidal thougts. Will we actually off ourselves? No. But it is important to try to face it up front.

Where is it coming from? It's not one specific thing. My multiples and little kid feel like it's everything coming out at once. Like the whole world will stop at nothing to beat you into the ground, stab you, rape you and then piss all over you.

Why would anybody do that? Psycotic rage? Who knows.

This means that you have to protect yourself at all costs. Nobody else will do it for you. If they won't pay attention to you, that's their problem.

That still doesn't mean don't protect yourself with boundaries and everything that you need to do.

Be as nice to yourself as you can. Also, please link us everywhere you can. It really is word of mouth advertising.

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