Sunday, November 28, 2010

Keep Your Self Control and Your Network Going

Enjoy your Sunday evening if you're west of Paris. If you're to the East, we hope Monday's not too shocking.

How's your network these days? Here, we don't have a syndication service, global bureaus or big budgets like lots of those other people do. However, we do have a growing audience in over 30 countries strictly thru content and word-of-mouth. Which proves you can do anything in a global depression.

Unfortunately, the Powers that Be refuse to deal with reality. Whether it's a global depression, kids getting raped or global torture, it's always worded in a "slightly more soothing way". How many times have you heard "it's the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression"? If that's true, then when they say it's now a "depression", does that mean it will be twice as bad as it is now?

When was the last time you heard about a priest being tried for allegedly raping a little kid? Have you EVER heard that? If not, why? Is it strictly legalese? Or, is it because "rape" is too harsh sounding? (Especially at dinner time)?

Like the headline says, keep your self control. Concentrate on your niche, message and getting it out in the most positive and effective way you can. Also do what's necessary to protect your balance.

We've had to change more in our diet these days. Our tolerance for spicy and highly acidic foods isn't there. Which means branch out into new dishes.

The despair is still there at times. We still have to scream and focus to not black out. We still cry when we go to sleep and keep a knife next to the bed (along with the cell phone).

Do you still have to do this?

NOTE: Thanks for the links and connecting us.

For those who wonder, just who's reading this anyway, we don't give away all of our secrets. However, the word is getting out (lately more in places from Argentina to Moscow to Brisbane).

Only 160 more countries to go.

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