Sunday, November 7, 2010

What are the Ramifications?

Coping ok today? Another nice and sunny day as we clean and then run errands. After that, lay out by the pool.

The stupid triggering stuff worldwide continues. We won't break the rule and explicitly run down everything. Instead, think of the effects of this on everyone.

Some countries act in their own "national security interests". Yes, it's still human nature for the rich and powerful to fight any perceived threat to said money and power. In the global economy, what's the best way to do that and keep you p.r. problems under control?

Outsource it. Plausible deniability. You can lie endlessly about it and say oh no, we didn't do that. What you don't say? We are getting "necessary information" from this. But we let somebody else do it for us. Besides, do you really think we're going to throw away our career and do jail time for this? Let somebody else go down for it.

And this is called "the real world".

How do you feel when you try to talk about your trauma? Does anyone listen? Do you feel like you have to do something really big to get people's attention? That's the MSM approach to a lot of things. Unless there's some angle to spin, nobody cares. But get a big name involved and then suddenly it's "news".

If somebody doesn't get help for their trauma and then kills themseleves, what happens then? Almost everyone you talk to says the same stuff. They were so nice. Nice and quiet. Never any problems. We had no idea there was any problem happening. And so on.

Which means we'll keep going here. Thanks for the support and please link us everywhere you can.

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