Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fighting for Balance

Good evening/morning (depending on your time zone). Are you getting bailed out? If you are, let us know who to ring up.

We've been fighting all day to keep our balance. Crippling despair happens at times. We won't off ourselves. However, it's like every small thing takes a lot to do. Then, deal with that and everything else. At night, you're totally wiped out.

On the other hand, you have to fight back. If we don't, we feel like a empty shell. Then, the whole world is trying to beat you down.

This means setting boundaries where needed. Since we can't afford our own censor, we do it ourselves. Everything has to be screened. In some places, it's really rough to just focus on getting in and out without dissociating.

How do you cope with this?

With all the global stuff happening, keep in mind one point. Everyone is responsible for what they say and do. Even the rich and powerful.

Can we save the world against them? No we can't. This means we stick to our niche while we protect ourselves at all cost. It's a matter of priorities.

If the bailout comes thru for you, leave a number.

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