Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Some Clarity?

It must be Wednesday. No bailout offer from the EU or IMF. Oh well...

We're trying to be careful with the diet. Avoid acidic foods as much as possible. Today, there's a little more clarity at times. Also, adrenalin surges have gone down some. Does this mean we have no tolerance at all for that? We tried to go veggie at times. But it's too tough to do. Besides, how much does fish cost in your part of the world? For anyone who says inflation doesn't exist, stop sending your personal assistant to shop and see for yourself.

Edit everything if necessary. We still have to do that. If we look at some economic stuff online, we can only take about 20 seconds of it. Constant doom and gloom is always tough to handle. Especially now, it's even harder to deal with.

What helps you to focus? For us, part of it is staying away from others and what they do and say. It would be cool for the millions who want real change to work together and push for Obama's impeachment. What are the realistic odds of that happening? Not very good.

The point is that (in our view), we're responsible for what we do and say. If you want change but do nothing to bring it about, you have nobody to blame but yourself. Can you outsource activism? Not really. The fees are too high and the stress isn't worth it.

Which means as a trauma survivor you have to protect yourself in this environment. Be selective about where you go and what you choose to support. Your healing comes first.

If others don't get it, that's their problem.

Time for some nice tea. With lots of lemon and ice.

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