Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Word's Getting Out

Happy Tuesday. Welcome to our new audience in Canada and the Phillippines.

The 5-HTP seems to be helping some. We still have all the usual symptoms. But also we're paying more attention to the effects of everything on you.

Also, your emotions and how that affects your immune system. Can we scientifically prove that positive thinking alone will cure all diseases? No. On the other hand, look at this way. For thousands of years people have used chi (body energy) and other tools to stay healthy. Have you ever heard of anyone of them being sued? We haven't.

In other parts of the world, doctors are rewarded for keeping people well. In the U.K., many doctors are on salary. They get bonuses for the more patients that stay healthy. Yet in the States, the truth is that commercial health care makes money off death.

What happens if everyone is healthy? What would doctors do with huge overhead? If universal health care is so terrible, why do millions worldwide use it? And generally lead happier lives overall as a result?

Time to apply for our local universal care.

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