Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fighting for Balance

How's your Tuesday? Here, sunny and nice.

It's still hard to focus in the morning. We use ging sing, juice and herbal tea to help focus (and to not get trapped in dissociating). We used to drink lots of caffeine. But caffeine depletes your chi. And it's hard enough to get up (even without PTSD).

Do you still have nightmares? If yes, what usually comes back? For us, at times it feels like everyone who treated us like s**t, laughed in our face. And then just walked away. You scream and look for help. But everywhere you turn, nobody cares.

What do you do then? If literally no one (other than the therapist) gives you a reassuring hug and says it's not your fault, what kind of effect does that have on you? In all of the online research we've done, we've never seen a study that looks at this.

What do we do then? Compartmentalize. That doesn't mean avoid something. It means break it down into segments. And also set boundaries.

Do you really need to do something that maybe has been second nature? Why is it second nature? Is it because everyone tells you it has to be? What happens if you change it?

Set boundaries. And balance is the key.

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