Saturday, February 13, 2010

Getting a Break (or two)

Staying in tonight and catching up online. Today, lots of shopping to compare PC's and a move to get a Mac (later). The ideal would be a desktop that would allow serious mutltimedia work in a variety of formats. A step at a time.

How are your symptoms? Feeling like you're getting somewhat of a break? How do you deal with a stuck fight-or-flight mechanism? We have to focus really hard and fight back to keep our sense of balance. Now do that 200-300 times a day. And everything else.

When that happens, sometimes we turn things off and just lie down. You scream for hours and fight to not snap. But what else can you do?

Another thing is feeling like you're about ten steps ahead of everyone else. You see the whole picture and nobody else does. Or, they talk about something that seems beyond obvious to you. You're just now seeing this? There are only so many ways to say we need to do something.

Two or three times this week we've had the chance to comment on trauma online. But we didn't because what's the point? When we have, nobody seems to care. Which means ok. We'll stick to the blog and get our points out.

How's your online security? One key is to think like a hacker. If somebody wants to find you, what do they look for?:

Your IP address
A pattern with content, user names, passwords and more

The answer? Block every step. Leave no obvious trail for them to follow. Keep a running list of your usernames and passwords to avoid repetition. The tools are out there and many are free. It's just a matter of being creative.

More as it happens.

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