Thursday, February 25, 2010

Coverage for Everybody

How much weirder can it get? Today Obama is chairing the Big Health Care Summit. He says he doesn't want it to be "political theater." Yet, that's exactly what it is.

A few questions:

Have any of these people ever been denied coverage due to "pre-existing" conditions?

The rest of the world has universal care. And they seem to be doing just fine. How come we can't here?

How much money have these panelists received from the anti-single-payer lobby?

How much of blocking everything Obama's doing is because of racism (subtle of course. But it's still there)?

True or false: Chris Hedges says that the insurance industry makes money off of death.

Many things in the States are already socialized. Yet, it's almost illegal to say the word "socialism". If socialism is so bad, then why did Obama bail out the banks?

How do kids feel being used as a political football re: health care?

30% of the Stateside population has some form of PTSD. And, that's a "pre-existing" condition.

Anything other than single payer is NOT health care reform. Why would anyone willingly pay more for something that doesn't help them?

Back to job hunting. So we don't end up homeless again.

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