Monday, February 15, 2010

This Needs To Be Looked At

Normally in this dog-eat-dog Net world we don't just give away free links to anybody. But in this case, we'll make an exception.

In a recent U.K. survey, over 50% of those questioned said that rape victims were to blame for what happened to them. We've thought about posting there (and possibly outing ourselves to make a point).

But instead, we'll do it this way:

See it for yourself and post a comment if you want to. As for us, we have to fight back the anger of reading stupid comments like this.

Trauma 101: Rape is a crime of control, yes? Both men and women can be the rapist and the victim. It sells more papers and gets bigger ratings if it's a woman. Or, a little kid who was yet again "abused" by a neighborhood priest. Nice and neat soundbites.

Now reality. 10% of the population in the States have PTSD. Are any of the suicides in the military due to guys being rape survivors (and having nowhere else to turn to)? Why is it impossible to deal with the fact that a guy in the military could be attacked and raped by another guy? Because that doesn't fit into the govt.'s nice and neat packaging of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? Nothing controversial, thanks very much.

First, torture is necessary. Now, rape victims are to blame for being raped. And it's only 1:46 p.m.? What the ****'s next before 5?

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