Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Survivor's Perspective

Did you see any of the Great Health Summit? If not, don't feel bad.

Why? Because in six hours, literally nothing was accomplished. Obama (Mr. Bi-Partisanship) was trying to give different people chances to speak. But what came out were talking points.

From the neocon side it was almost like subtitles. We hate your guts. We're still pissed off that you're President (and not McCain). And we're going to destroy you. We can't be openly racist because then we'll lose our jobs in this global economic meltdown. Which means we'll do everything short of that.

Today, some people became homeless because of no health coverage. Some people also died from lack of coverage.

Why did this happen? Hypocracy, stupidity and greed.

Will any of these panelists lose sleep tonight thinking about these people? No.

Have any of them ever been denied coverage? No.

Se. Jay Rockefeller made a speech about the evil insurance firms. What he didn't say was he's one of the biggest recepients of their money. NOT ONE person in the room challenged him on that. Then again, did you really expect them to?

How many vets killed themselves this week because of not being able to get the proper treatment?

Both sides have taken in millions from the anti-single-payer lobby. Which means that they just don't care. Endless posturing and we must win in November. That's all that matters. Millions of people bombard Congress for single payer. And the Power Elite (call them what they are) still say screw you to the public.

If a commercial health coverage firm found out we have PTSD, we can be denied. For that or literally anything they want. And it's all perfectly legal.

Why won't Obama declare a National Emergency and implement single payer? Because (a) his career will be over. And (b)he doesn't have the guts to stand up to his party and do what's necessary.

How much do you wanna bet many Obama supporters will still vote for him in 2012?

And finally, if the worst happens and we literally can't get health care anywhere, does this mean we have to emigrate? Many people are doing that right now. From an immigration point of view, health care is a human right. You then could file for refugee status. If I stay here and get sick, there's a good chance I'll be bankrupt, homeless. And then possibly die.

That's all in the U.N. Charter of Human Rights. It's there just like intl. law. The rest of the world sees that.

So how come not here?

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