Saturday, February 6, 2010

Staying in Right Now

We're at home and really trying to focus. So, as much as possible, no triggers. No news, no comments on blogs, etc. Instead, som herbal tea. Make our pick for the Super Bowl tomorrow. And carefully edit everything.

Can you disconnect for a day? Only listen to and watch something that's necessary. No Blackberry, but an IPod is ok. No news whatsoever (except for sports).

Can you cope with this? Or, do you go into severe withdrawl? In our case, at times we feel like we're getting assaulted. Not only in the sense of feeling like we're going to be raped again, but also by tirggers everywhere. One leads to a million.

What helps you to deal with this? A holistic diet? Exercise? Holding onto solid things where you are?

What about keeping a knife close by? We keep one in the room to feel safer. If we go into some high security area, no. But you have to protect yourself.

Try to compartmentalize. This doesn't mean ignore anger or some other symptom. Instead, say, set this aside. And deal with it in segments.

Every night, the multiples, little kid and I have our meeting. The rule is I listen to them. But they go as easy as possible.

Anger at times is almost crippling. We feel like we're going to snap in two. You don't want to trigger others or go off on them. But how do you focus on someone else when you're dealing with a lucid dream of some psycho rapist that wants to go down on you?

You don't want to live in parallel realities (make sense?). And you don't want to be numb on some anti-depressant. What do you do in that case?

Protect yourself at all costs.

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