Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Universal Care Part II

Just got back from the unversal health care office. And as usual, there are extra forms to submit that nobody told us about. But, we have 14 days to do it. So you deal with it.

Lots of talk right now about a public option in health care. When we lived abroad, we were under universal care. And it saved us a lot of money (almost $10,000 over a ten year period).

The rest of the world knows that it works. Do they pay higher taxes? Actually, no. Here in the States, people pay more (in premiums, deductables and other stuff). And what does it get you? Many times a denial.

Name one other country in the world that will deny citizens health care due to:

being a rape survivor
being too short or too tall
being too fat
and who knows what else is next

FYI: The number of people here who go abroad for health care is growing. The number of people who emigrate for health care is growing. If you try for a single policy, do you stand a chance of getting it?

Legally speaking, health coverage is a contract. If you falsify it, the provider could sue you for fraud. But also, they can deny you for literally anything the want. They can lie to you over the phone, to your face. Or on their web site. And unless you have a lot of money and a great attorney, nobody will touch them.

Another idea. Some people go public to try and get action. While activism is great, the whole world will know about your medical history. And if you're out of work, how do you deal with that?

Most commercial health coverage provides for 20 therapy sessions in a year. How many trauma survivors can be cured in 5 months? We've never met one.

Slightly off-topic. Today, Congress is having hearings about Toyota's recall. Many of the Congresspeople on the committee have received millions in "campaign contributions" from Toyota. What transparency.

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