Monday, February 15, 2010

It's Coming From Everywhere

It's Monday. And everywhere you look, it's depressing:

corporate buying of elections
Iraq and Afghanistan
No single payer health care
Unchecked "sex abuse" (rape) of little kids
and more
torture and people actually saying it's ok. But in reality, it's illegal, immoral and racist. If a white American or Brit were tortured, this would stop overnight. But, as long as it's one of those dark-skinned "terrorists", it's ok?

How do you cope? Consider the reason why the MSM won't deal with the truth in these things.

Profit. We get huge ratings with endless coverage of Tiger Wood's sex life. People love this stuff. Also, we're a huge corporation with tons of money and a huge legal staff. Nobody will mess with us.

If you don't like this, how do you strike back? Chris Hedges has a great idea.

70% of the States economy is consumer driven. Therefore, spend way less money. This cuts into said corporate profit. These guys will spin anything to their advantage. But, they can't ignore a huge drop in their profits.

This does work. the question is, how many people will actually do this?

You won't get arrested. You can do this from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

If millions of people are pissed off about this stuff, why the mass inaction? Really, there's literally nothing holding you back from doing this. Most people are cutting back anyway to try and keep their job and not be homeless. So think of this as an extension of what you're doing anyway.

It's selective activism. Have a nice day.

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