Sunday, February 7, 2010

14 Instead of 10

The Saints win it 31-17. So we were off by four.

We're really being careful with editing. No news (other than sports). No commercials. Which means listening in ten minute segments. We only buy a paper on Sunday. But nothing else.

Protection comes first. We always go out with a Blackberry or the IPod. We need headphones to be able to cope. And, there are a few decent apps available. But we'll see how they work out.

We're trying lots of massage to help with adrenalin surges. But it's a real battle at times to focus. You have to focus and push back hard to maintain your balance. Now, do this about 100 times a day. And, everything else that you need to do.

At the end of the day,you're competely exhausted.

Does this happen to you? What helps you? Feel free to pass on your comments. Post or email to ptsdsurvival at

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