Friday, February 19, 2010

It's All Connected

Lots of stuff this week online about the body/mind connection. As we find them we'll post links here. If you come across others, please post or email.

One thing we're noticing is that there's more awareness of the effects of stuff on you. Food, drinks, triggers and more; there's a feeling of that's enough. Now, how do you keep your balance?

If you're getting bombarded by stimulus, how do you cope? We still take the Blackberry or I-Pod and plug in the headphones. Because in many places the muzak is just too bloody loud. You have to protect yourself.

What about the fight-or-flight mechanism? Do you have to focus hard and push back to not be stuck in an endless loop? We still have to do that.

Part of the answer is to really stay away from stimulants. Caffeine, salt and sugar. Also, tomatoes. Anything tomato-based is way too triggering. We still don't know all of the reasons for that. But we do know to stay away.

Another idea: the connection between your emotions and your immune system. If you suppress the emotions, the immune system is severly affected. Which means for many trauma survivors, you really have to set boundaries.

Take the anger in segments. Compartmentalize. You're not avoiding it. You're trying to deal with it in a non-triggering way. And see what happens.

More links on the way.

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