Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Nice Sunny Day

Happy weekend. Enjoyed a free breakfast from the apt. management here (does anybody say landlord anymore?). Now time for some shopping and some herbal tea. How many herbs can one take?

HTP-5 twice a day seems to be the right dosage. Three times and we're ready to nod off. Still have all the symptoms and occasional crippling despair. But like we told someone a few days ago, we just turn things off and go for a walk or play. My multiples and little kid like to draw, play with our cars. Or look online and see what's going on in the world. But everything is still edited.

Trauma survivor tip for the day: Here in the States, Verizon is going to finally add Skype apps to their mobiles (why do Americans say "cell phone" anyway?). If you get this, you can bypass the mobile minutes. But you're using your monthly data allowance. We checked. And there's no totally free way to call another mobile (except for Virgin Media in the U.K.). Nice job, Sir Richard Branson.

You can have "Family and Friend" numbers which are one way toll free (from you to the other person). Very handy if you need to call a crisis line and not get stuck with massive overages.

And, if you're overseas and need help, you can work off of your laptop. Or, go with a satellite phone. Iridium is still the best brand at the moment. And per-minute card rates are down to about $1.00.

The point is creatively networking. And protection at all times. But if you want a secure phone, don't even try (unless you work for the govt.). Satellite phone companies don't sell these to the public.

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