Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Read Between the Lines

How's your part of the world? Thanks for the ongoing support. For any new readers, the purpose here is to present information and helpful ideas that might help you as well. If you know of something better, please let us know.

What's your mantra that helps you to cope? For me, it's probably it's not my fault. We have our bad days with depression and abandonment. You try to focus and not black out from dissociating. You try to not have adrenalin surges and feel like you have a smooth chi flow thru your body.

Even with doing all of that, it feels like I have about six addictions that I'm fighting all the time. Many formerly favorite foods are too triggering. Now what do I do? You focus really hard all day long to not dissociate.

Do that and everything else you have to do. Then, try not to feel wiped out.

Flashbacks and other symptoms are violent and scary. However, it's not abnormal in any way. Did being raped totally mess up my biochemistry? I'm not sure. I'm just working on trying to keep a healthy balance (not perfectionism) as I go.

Can you make others understand about trauma? No. On the other hand, you can and should protect yourself. Because nobody else will do it for you.

In my experience, while cultures may be different, human beings remain the same. This means lots of commonalities (taxes, hating politicians, concern about your kids, and more). It also means that saying no really does mean no to prevent rape. In some cultures, people may say no in a very general way. The point though is that the message gets through.

Pay attention to indirectness, and see what happens.

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