Monday, May 20, 2013

A Connection Between Your Symptoms and p/h Balance?

Staying home at the moment and trying to focus our energy. Lately it feels like we have to focus ALL THE TIME  to try and not dissociate or have problems with other symptoms. In essence, try to maintain some sense of balance. This also means feeling really run down.

As I talk to my various sources, it seems like there's almost no research or study that talks about the roles diet and other holistic treatments play in PTSD treatment for all clients. Almost always the holistic tools (meditation and acupuncture) are for use for vets. What about the rest of us?

With that in mind, here are some thoughts about what I've found and what helps me. This is just information that's hopefully helpful. What you do with this after reading is up to you. I assume no responsibility for anything that's said or done by anyone else after reading this.

Is there a connection between your p/h balance and PTSD symptoms (regardless of the type you have)? I say yes. Why? Think about your daily diet. Is it heavy on junk food and heavy tasting foods (tomato based dishes, sausage, stuff with lots of fat and fructose syrup)? For a long time I unintentionally abused my system with lots of this to escape the pain of being raped. The bad news is that it made it worse. Now I feel like I'm detoxifying from it (in addition to other trauma coming out all at the same time).

How long does it take to detoxify? I'm not sure. Some experts say anywhere from a few months to two years. What else is connected to trauma? Adrenal glands, blood pressure and more. If you then try to rebalance your system, it only makes sense in general that your p/h balance would reset itself.

Is it possible to eat totally organic? Not right now. Instead, I'm just redoing some of my usual dishes to see how I'll feel.

Have you had any experience with this? If yes, post some comments. Thanks.


jan.4987 said...

Having read your post I'm thinking I should look into it, even just to get some supplementary information about my body. I was on a downward spiral until I bought athletes' protein supplements, I know that, because my adrenal glands were so wrecked; I still can't really retain salt due to not enough aldosterone and my sleep is not good, but both issues are less bad than they used to be.

I also developed a severe reaction to sugar, even the smallest amount but in a high enough concentration would completely dehydrate me, just suck all the water out of my body. So I've had to cut down drastically on all sugar including fruit, sadly, and it's a nightmare. I've adjusted somewhat after about 10 months, but I still wish I could use sugar to wake up properly or give me a little lift when I'm down. I can't believe my tolerance for it got so high, but then I used it to stay awake all through school and university (I've never used caffeine so it was my only stimulant).

When I think about it I get annoyed because my health was taken away so quickly and easily, but I can't have just one quick and easy way of feeling better. It's horribly unfair, and I don't care if I sound childish saying that, because it's true.

Anyway, about the pH, I'm sure it'll all be connected; the damage can show in so many ways (few of which researchers seem to be interested in, despite how common PTSD is). I'm going to investigate it. With alterations in diet I think it's important to do what we can rather than worrying about getting it perfect. The body notices even a tiny change, I'm sure of it.

soho44 said...

Thanks for the thoughts. It does suck when you can't have your favorite desert because of something you didn't ask for.