Thursday, May 9, 2013

Do You Feel Abandoned? (Contains Potentially Triggering Content. Read at Your Own Risk)

As I go along, I'm paying attention to my health (mind and body) as best I can. Not perfection, but balance in many things (diet, exercise, lots of rest, emotions and more). No "official" diagnosis on this yet, other than complex PTSD symptoms. Having said that, I think that I have severe adrenal burnout. Years of horrible untreated symptoms can cause that. What else could it be?

I'm not saying all traditional medicine and people are evil. I'm just saying that in my case, I've had better luck with holisitic doctors and treatment versus traditional.

How do you deal with feeling abandoned or denial on the part of others?
Is it your job to make the rest of the world understand?
How do you deal with double standards? I care about you. Now, go away.

I'm really struggling with despair and abandonment. I'm not a case file or a statistic. I'm a human being who exists and is fighting to be heard.

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