Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Famous Name Here

Do you feel like you're being heard as you go along in your healing? I still screen everything, because much of the time I feel like I'm about five steps ahead of the rest of the world. I know everything that's going to be said, and what the responses will be. Having said that, why bother even looking at it?

While celebrities speak out on a wide range of things (which is their right), also keep several things in mind.

Will speaking out cost them their job(s)?
Will they go bankrupt trying to get the proper treatment if they're dealing with a history of untreated trauma?
Will they be denied health coverage because this trauma is a "pre-existing" condition? Or, will their health provider not have the nerve to deny (famous name here) coverage, and then risk the public backlash?

Not being a celebrity and not working at the moment, if I went public, I could have serious problems. If you're an employer, would you knowingly hire someone with PTSD if you knew ahead of time that they had it? Forget about there are various anti-discrimination laws and other legal stuff. This is daily reality.

If no major health carrier will cover you, you could possibly get low-income coverage. Then again, if you make too much "income" that's gone. Then what do you do?

If a celebrity uses their "fame" to draw attention to an issue, is it exposing the issue or them versus some other famous name? Not always, but too often it turns into a battle of "names", instead of dealing with a serious problem. If you take the time to complain, the MSM says if it trends it leads. We don't make the news. We just go with what gets ratings.

What do you do then?

That's one reason why I don't watch regular TV right now. When was the last time I bought a MSM newspaper or magazine? I can't remember. The quality continues to go down. And various "experts" continue to be mystified why that's happening.

Then again, that's not my responsibility. Dealing with my own healing is hard enough.

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