Thursday, May 16, 2013

Severe Flashbacks and More (Contains potentially severe triggering content. Read at your own risk).

It's an almost-all-wi-fi-day. Work anywhere around the house and live stream anything from anywhere for free. The way it should be.

That being said, I still have despair and symptoms. You don't want to hurt either yourself or anyone else. But they're still there.

What can you do? Protect yourself as best you can. Set boundaries and trust your intuition. If you see a pattern in something, odds are you're right.

Lots of people are telling me that this backed up terror is normal. It's also scary and leads to almost no sleep. At times, it's like watching a really sad highlight reel.

I see my little kid. I see other little kids. One minute they're happy. The next, screaming and nobody's there to help them. I'm sitting upstairs in a room with the breeze blowing and feeling like nobody cares. Others are downstairs, but nobody bothers to pay attention.

Does anyone care?

You can say it's not your responsibility to save everyone from all of the evil people out there. While I know that's true, human emotions aren't like a light switch. One minute you're scared. The next, carry on. No big deal.

Real life doesn't work like that.

Maybe I can't save everyone. But I will protect myself and do what I can after that.

I don't know exactly where all of you are. However, I know that you are there. How do you cope with this?

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