Thursday, May 2, 2013


Just got back from lots of errands. Now, almost time for dinner and then more posts. However, I still screen everything because weird stuff comes out of nowhere.

Almost two weeks now with little sleep at night. Maybe I should back to all-night radio?

Anger at times still comes up. One key reason? Many key people involved in my case will never be prosecuted. I can't file a criminal or civil case. The statute of limitations has run out. The Intl. Court of Justice in the Hague can't help (even though this case does involve criminal acts and torture).

What do I do now? I did nothing wrong. Others have to live with what they do and say (or didn't do and say).

Despite that, being a normal human being with normal emotions, you ask the questions. Where's my validation? Where's my sense of justice? I do exist. I didn't ask to be tortured and go thru years of horrible symptoms with no help (except from one therapist and 3 counselors). But I do deserve to be heard.

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