Thursday, May 30, 2013

Herbal Tea and Other Thoughts

Another day of anger, screening, and fighting to not black out. Also, protect yourself at all costs. Unless you have to look at it, ask yourself: do I really need to see/read/hear this? If not, do something else.

There's lots of emptiness at times. Then again, what else can you do but keep going?

Diet plays a key role in trying to cope with symptoms. I can't touch some formerly favorite foods. Way too triggering, and I don't want to dissociate for a week trying to get my balance back. I'm also focusing to not fall back into old destructive dissociating patterns.

Am I a professional patient? No. Do I torture myself because my symptoms have been (and continue to be in many ways) severe? I try not to. Then again, there are many periods that are too painful to think about.

Time for some tea.

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