Thursday, June 24, 2010

We Have No Connection to Wikileaks (Moderate Trigger Day)

Just finished lunch. And then it's back to the job hunting.

Also, this. Just so it's clear, while we deal with posting anonymously, we have no connection to Wikileaks (or any other whistleblower sites). They have their niche. And we have ours.

While we stay away from news, we'll make an exception to help make a point.

Wikileaks says that they now have retained some attorneys to help their "alleged" source of the Iraq Video Clip (and documents). Is this true or not? Who knows.

But here's a key point. Julian Assange, the "head" of Wikileaks (depending on what you read) says that all whistleblowers deserve protection. In theory (and with an unlimited legal budget) that's true.

Yet, how come nobody will do the same thing for trauma survivors that come forward?

How come there's no Dept of Trauma to help these people? If you're a trauma survivor, you're well aware of what the bureaucracy can do to you.

We don't know how to deal with you.
Limited state and govt. funds.
It's a federal law that if a crisis center wants govt. funds, you CANNOT EVER mention guy rape survivors in your center's content.
A legal system that doesn't take you seriously.

In our corporate MSM society, if you're a celeb and you tell your story, instantly the world wants to listen to you. Then, a book and the talk show circuit. And so on.

If you're not a celeb, what do you do when 99.9% of the world tells you to piss off? You're our worst nightmare. We don't want you here. You fix this. It's YOUR problem.

We've done three radio interviews about being a guy survivor. One got the point across. The other two frankly were manipulated situations for ratings (not a MSM surprise).

If we sent in proof of our being raped, would Wikileaks publish it? There's no big name involved. No hook that the MSM can manipulate to death for profit and ratings.

Probably not.

Apparently, in this global depression something like this is way down the list. So, we keep going here to get the word out.

Memo to Julian Assange. If you're reading this, trauma survivors deserve to be heard as well.

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