Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunny and a High Trigger Index

Enjoying your day? Here, high 90's and even higher humidity. But, it's better than snow.

How are your symptoms these days? How do people treat dealing with trauma in your part of the world? Are they fairly open-minded? Or, is there a stupid taboo about dealing with your health (both physical and mental)?

Because really, that's what it is. Almost every time, when someone says "mental health", do they EVER talk about the physical effects of it? Most of the time, no. It's take your meds and we'll put you into a nice neat box.

In our case, we're on a new media fast. Right now, only music or something in a foreign language is ok. Part of the idea is to have some stimulus to focus on. This way it helps you to hopefully not dissociate.

If you want to, try this as well. And see how you do.

But, reading this blog is always ok.

Have a nice day.

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