Friday, June 25, 2010

It Really is Early on Friday (Moderate Trigger Day)

4:53 a.m. Can't go back to sleep. We might as well ease into an early start.

Thanks for the growing global support. And hi to our readers in Canada, San Francisco, New York City, London and elsewhere. You know who you are. We don't. But that's ok.

Today might be another one of those we-know-everything-that's-going-to-happen days. Lots of "in-depth analysis" of the issues. But they still keep happening.

How do you cope in the morning? Do you have to scream to focus so you feel awake? At times we still have to do that. You also have to balance that with not too much caffeine or sugar. Because both of those act as stimulants which can really worsen your symptoms.

Unless we have to look, we're still staying away from all news (except sports scores). You have to protect yourself. Because otherwise you'll end up with flashbacks, nightmares and more. And odds are nobody else will care.

We're getting things done. But right now it means a lot of breaks. At times it's too hard to focus. So we go for a walk or just look out the window. Another nice idea. We're slowly backing up some material and selling others. Who doesn't need extra money these days?

As you develop your network to get your content out, our suggestion is to not get caught up in comparisons. Yeah, some other person may have a bigger site, more book royalties, hot groupies, etc. But that doesn't matter.

Just focus on quality content and proper promotion. And see what happens.

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