Friday, June 4, 2010

A Public Service

Welcome to your weekend. Hope you're getting a break in more ways than one.

We're starting a new feature here called The Trigger Index. Think of it as kind of like a smog alert in a major city. This has NO connection with the "Terrorist Threat Index" from Homeland Security, MI5 in the U.K. Or any other intl. intelligence agency. The purpose is to help you cope with symptoms.

Today's Index is Really High.

Why? Because it seems like everywhere you turn things get weirder and weirder. Lots of people say they care about various serious problems. Yet, The Great Turning Point (soon to be a new BBC series?) hasn't quite happened. The cynical could say that this is a nice marketing ploy by the pundits to sell more books, DVD's, CD's and other stuff.

On the other hand, we look at it this way. If there's no reason to watch/read/listen to it, don't. That doesn't mean don't care about an issue. Instead, it's protecting yourself. And selectively breaking it down into small segments.

Stimulus overload is a common problem with trauma survivors. This means that you have to edit where necessary.

Will life go on if you go thru a day with no TV or radio? Yes.

At times, we still have nightmares and lucid dreams. We try to stick to a holistic diet, exercise and more. And yet we still have problems.

Part of it is stimulus overload. Regardless of your healing situation, you can only take so much "if it bleeds it leads" MSM mentality.

Instead of trying to censor sites (that are on a secret govt. list), how come Australia and other countries don't develop a filter to help trauma survivors? How come helping a segment of the population that didn't asked to be traumatized isn't
"a national priority"?

Answer: money and power. Is there a trauma lobbyist group in Washington? We don't know of one. Next, how do you get in to see a Congressperson to talk about guy rape survivors?

Robert Fisk, the Independent's U.K. correspondent has a good point. There's no such thing as good politicians. It's all about money, power. And maintaining control over yours (also known to some as "national security interests").

Protect yourself at all costs.

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