Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Scary Day (Contains Graphic Content)/High Trigger Day

Finally feeling some balance. Today was one of those horrible days with anger and lucid dreams. We had to fight really hard to not black out. Then, we finally felt like we have some balance again.

Do you still get bombarded with body memory? Bruises and physical pain from being raped? Do you still feel terrified that you scream to fight back? And, nobody listens?

No luck in finding a new therapist. In the universal care system, the wait time is about 4-6 weeks to get in. In one sense that's a little better than the NHS average.

What works for you these days? Feel free to post your comments.

NOTE: Right now, there's lots of paranoia re: Wikileaks. Some other sites (Cryptome and WMR) are saying that Wikileaks is a CIA/Mossad/George Soros front site.

What does this have to do with trauma? Many things:

Online security
Out thinking hackers
Not getting outed (because of something that's not your fault)

Do we keep a secret database of everyone's ISP who checks us out? Do we analyze all comments to try and find out your cell number? No and no.

The purpose here is to offer free(and hopefully) helpful information. No Google ads. No Paypal link. No giftshop with every possible thing to push on you that we can think of.

Feel safe to post your thoughts here. And, protect yourself at all times.

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