Monday, June 7, 2010

How Far Would You Go to Protect Yourself(Contains Graphic Content that might be triggering)

Yes, it is Monday. Also, it's a High Trigger Day.

It seems everwhere you turn, nobody cares about anything that's trauma related. Normally, we try to avoid intentionally triggering anyone. But this time we have to mention some difficult topics. If these bother you, please stop reading and come back later (if that helps).

Is lack of health care a denial of one of your basic human rights?
Why is it that many war criminals can run free in the States and get rich in the process? They say that torture is perfectly ok. And nobody touches them.
Why is it that 99.9% of the time, the MSM says "sexual assault" and not rape? Is it because rape is too harsh sounding? It's somehow easier for the general public to pay attention to (especially during dinner)?
The suicide rate for vets continues to climb. Is it possible that the male vets are killing themselves because (a) they're gay? Or (b) because they're a rape survivor? And they have nowhere to turn?
Does intl. law mean anything? Or not?
A rape survivor is a torture survivor. Yet, society won't acknowledge both women and men.
The govt. rewards some rape crisis centers ONLY IF they ONLY talk about women survivors in their printed and online content.

If you're a rape survivor (and you can't get help in your home country), can you apply for refugee status in another? The U.N. Universal Charter of Human Rights says that all people have the right to many things. One being to not have to live in terror every day. Another is the right to health treatment.

Would you emigrate to be able to get the proper help? In the States, a woman who's pregnant is denied coverage. If you have PTSD (from whatever cause), you're denied coverage. (Unless you're in one of the rare universal care programs in Boston, Houston or San Francisco).

Can you do this? Yes. It really comes down to the bureaucrats at Immigration who look at your case file.

We're not telling you to do anything. We're only talking about possibilities that might be helpful (depending on your situation).

If you literally can't get health coverage (because of something that's not your fault), do you stay in that location? Or, do you go elsewhere?

It may not look like it. But there are other countries in the world that actually support human rights. The really powerful Western ones may use the "threat of terrorism" to justify denying you your rights. Yet, keep in mind that nobody else will protect your health (both physical and mental). All trauma survivors know that the two are connected.

If necessary, would you renounce your birth country citizenship? A growing number of Americans worldwide are. One reason: they don't like dual taxation. Another? They don't approve of their tax dollars being spent on a growing number of wars.

If necessary, there are other places in the world where you can go and be happy.

Just throwing out some ideas.

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