Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Keep Your Self Control(Contains Graphic Content/High Trigger Day)

Finally starting to hear about getting rent/utility help. One source says that we have too much in savings. And, our current apt. rent is too high (according to the official govt. guidelines for such things). Which means back to our main source here. If he can't help us (and if another doesn't work out), what then? Either have the new job and stay in a new lease (with cheaper rent). Or, leave and go where?
At this point, we're not sure.

What helps us to stay focused? One thing is we're not responsible for what others do and say. We cover our bases. If it works, great. If not, go in another direction.

Another tip for the day. We started taking glutathione in our herbal supplement mix. And it seems to help us to focus better. We still have symptoms at times. But another benefit of it is it makes you more sensitive to additives. Which is kind of like alcoholics and antibuse. You have a little and you can't handle it. Which overall is a good thing. We'll save the rest for our future bestseller.

How's your healing these days? Do you still have nightmares and flashbacks? At times, the despair is really bad. On the other hand, we're really trying to be aware of what we eat and do to keep our balance.

If you believe in chi, try this. Walk around barefoot if you can at home and see how you feel. Or, walk outside barefoot in lots of grass. The idea is chi is everywhere. The more in-tune your body is the more you soak up. Kind of like a very expensive digital radio.

More as it happens.

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