Friday, June 11, 2010

Trying for Some Balance

A rough first half of Friday. Right now, it's just sit and turn everything off.

Lots of flahsbacks, horrible lucid dreams. And the terror that nobody will listen.

Part of us know it's not real. Try the usual grounding techniques:

Pinch your skin
Use a ice cube to divert your attention
Think of combinations of other things to focus on that instead

All of these seem to be ok. But, what happens if none of them work?

You're in a crowded place, and you feel like it's closing in on you. There's nowhere to hide. You don't want to snap. You don't want to black out.

How do you get out of this?

Turn everything off. Just go for a walk. Look out the window. If you can focus, meditate for a while.

Do any of these work for you?

Do you keep any kind of weapon in your house or on you when you go out? At times we still keep a knife in any room we're in at home. If we go out, we take a knife with us, just in case. It may be a lucid dream. But that doesn't matter. Because you have to fight back. Nobody is going to help you.

Do you still have that fear?

It's a cloudy First World Cup Friday here. But for now, a lot of stuff we stay away from.

Because nobody else will do it for you.

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