Friday, June 18, 2010

The Pitch (Today is a Moderate Trigger Day)

Happy Friday. Ever wonder if this is a registered trademark? And if it is, how much is the licensing fee to use it? Just curious.

Time now for our Non-Annual No Money Pledge Drive. As you know, we're not like all those other progressive sites in many ways:

No Pay pal donation button
No gift shop
No requests for used items
No CD's, DVD's, or future New York Times Bestsellers to push

You get the idea.

The only thing we have here is free information (that's hopefully helpful). We never intentionally try to trigger anyone. But as we all know, on those bad days it's hard not to.

As far as we know, we're the ONLY blog on the Net that's doing this for a global audience.

What do we ask in return? If you like what you read here, please link us everywhere it will help someone. Nothing personal. But the MSM (and almost all of the progressive) want nothing to do with us. Why? It could take all day to speculate.

Instead, let's do this. If it's not going to hurt you in any way, please link us everywhere you can. We're now read in 16 countries. We don't keep track of contact information. But we know you're there.

Think of us as a smaller version of Wikileaks. It's an anonymous way to get your message out. And to post comments when necessary.

Our suggestion? Use your tools in most creative way possible. And, protect yourself at all times.

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