Monday, June 28, 2010

Today is a High Trigger Day

It's Monday. And, the Trigger Index is really high today. Be very careful as you work your way around online.

What would really be helpful? Some new software that would scan something BEFORE you deal with it. And give you a total of the number of triggers in it. If Steve Jobs is so awesome, how come he hasn't done THAT yet?

At times, do you feel like you're being bombarded with stimulus? Do you have trouble knowing where you are? What's real and what isn't? We still have periods where we feel like we're going to black out. You can do lots of healthy things (diet, exercise and more). But other than those, what happns when you're this close to snapping?

The fear and despair are there. But you can't just sit back and "go with your feelings" (in our opinion). If that helps you, fine. But just for us, it's never worked.

Trust your intuition. If you really think something's not worth it, then don't look (unless you have to). Do you really want to have to deal with then maybe dissociating for hours afterwards to try and get your balance back? Stay away from it.

There are other things that you can do.

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