Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Nice Sunny Day (High Trigger Index)

Sunny and muggy as we write this. Then again, that's way better than shoveling snow anytime.

How's your day? We're still staying away from all triggers as much as possible. If there's some national emergency (ex., the Taliban attack the West Coast), that's one thing. But short of that, you really have to be careful.

One reason? We live in a corporate society. Now you can debate the pros and cons of that all day long. And if you get a book deal out of it as well, more power to you. Yet, since that's a key element, another side of it is protection.

In our experience (as a trauma survivor), you have to really try trust your intuition. And if you have that "Executive Producer" intuition (we know everything that's going to be said. How it will be said. When it will be said. And the screaming heads that will fake a "debate" over it), trust it and stay away.

Why should you do that (unless you have to do it for your job)? Because nobody else will. And two, despite all the nice messages from said MSM saying we want your comments, the truth is they don't.

Therefore, are you completely powerless? No you're not.

Here are a few tips that help us:
If you have a bad feeling about it, don't read/listen/or watch it.

If there's nothing good anymore to watch on regular TV, cancel that half of your cable. Stick with only online.

If the same thing happens with a newspaper, why buy it?

If you feel like you're bombarded with triggers when going into a store, stay away. Refuse to be a part of their profit margin. Unless of course you work there.

If you have the time and the resources, set up your own network to get your message out. There's tons of stuff out there that tell you about 1,000 ways to set up a site and get hits.

We'll boil it down to two things: quality content and promotion.

Since we all know there's so much sameness online, why be a part of it? Make yourself stand out from the (fill in the blank with a really big number)other sites and blogs out there.

Another tip. Don't fall into comparison traps. If you know you have quality material, word will get around. We have readers now in about 16 countries. Are the MSM or progressive media picking us up? No.

But that's ok. Why? Because we're putting out information that needs to be heard. Yes, marketing will always be a part of anything (to an extent). Despite that, just keep your focus.

And keep in mind, you're not responsible for what others say and do.

Have a nice day.

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