Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Today's Focus

Today, emptiness, bases to cover and trying to focus. You know you have things to do, and feel like you're going thru the motions. You don't want to dissociate, vanish and not come back. At times I don't know where I am. You try to hold onto solid things around you. Despite that, it doesn't always work.

How do you then ground yourself? One thing we try to do is to have an escape plan in case this happens in a crowded place. Do you really owe the other 200 people in the store a full explanation of being raped and what PTSD is? No, you don't.

In a way, we don't want to slip like other 12 step people do. What's better? An image on a screen, or a real person?

Just try to focus and keep going.

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