Tuesday, August 7, 2012

It Has to Be Done

More emptiness as we fight to keep some sense of balance. At times, it's like going thru the motions. You have things to do, and you try to prioritize. However, it feels like there's nothing there.

We still screen everything because dissociating and other symptoms are there. Not always, but there are times when we stop and we don't know where we are. We scream and fight to not dissociate. It still happens at times. We also have to fight off attacks in lucid dreams. If we don't, we'll fall apart.

Now, do that about 50 times a day. Try not to feel exhausted and scared.

We have to stop and say, can we go outside? Is it safe? Are we going to have a blackout? How do we protect ourselves? Do we have to cure ourselves?

Emptiness and fear are still there.

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