Tuesday, August 14, 2012

This Needs to be Said (Contains Graphic/Potentially Triggering Content. Read at your own risk).

Excuse me if this sounds patronizing in any way. With all the triggering stuff happening everywhere you look, it's necessary to say a few important things about trauma survivors. Regardless of what you're dealing with.

Nobody asks to be raped, beaten, tortured or anything else.

Nobody likes pain, humiliation and being treated like dirt.

Nobody likes being ignored as they turn everywhere they can for help. Then, all of these people
laugh in their face and say fuck off.

3 out of 10 people are dealing with some form of PTSD.

Women rape survivors exist. How come men aren't allowed to exist as well?

Is feeling safe every day as you walk out of your house a basic human right?

Is it necessary for everyone 18 and older to walk around armed at all times so they'll feel safe?

Why do many people say "sexually abused" instead of rape? Is this for legal reasons? Or, is it just because we don't talk about stuff like that in polite society. Unless we can get killer ratings from it.

How can prosecuting being raped be a waste of a prosecutor's office's time? It's the survivor's job to CONVINCE them that they're telling the truth?

Would the world end if a rape survivor (woman or guy) actually said this psycho pedophile repeatedly raped the shit out of me? And, nobody did a fucking thing about it?

Why do many in positions of power apparently love to say well, you know what that guy (alleged pedophile) did? That "stuff"? Would you say that to a woman survivor?

Should cops use rape kits for both women and guy survivors?

Many believe that PTSD never goes away. Who's responsible for that?

Should people who tell rape survivors it's YOUR fault go to jail?

Are innocent kids who get raped by pedophiles actual human beings who deserve respect? Or, are they just tools to be used by others to make a profit and so they can maintain their money and power?

What do you tell a survivor who doesn't know where to turn?

If you hug a rape survivor in a non-threatening way, are you afraid that you'll get raped too?

Human beings with emotions aren't light switches. Get attacked. Then instantly turn trauma off and say, right. Carry on.

Thanks for reading.

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