Friday, August 10, 2012

The High Today Will Be?

How hot can it get today? You be the judge.

More emptiness as we try to keep some sense of focus. How do we stand out from the rest of the crowd in the job search? Where do we need to post online? In a sense it's kind of nice to not give into the urge to post comments on every thing you see. Ask, will this really solve anything? If not, go elsewhere.

We still keep the cell phone and a knife at the foot of the bed at night. A gun's too expensive and just a bad idea. However, we just feel safer. We still take a weapon when we go out if we need to. Nobody else will protect you. We try not to give into the all-people-are-evil-and-can't-be-trusted idea. It's tough though to feel like there's someone you can trust when you've had a long streak of people laughing at you and treating you like dirt when you're fighting to get some help.

In a sense, it's selective amnesia. Mnay people for whatever reasons refuse to see the evidence right in front of them. Someone beats them or their kids. Climate change is getting worse. The national debt can never be repaid. The list keeps going. Yet, if we just close our eyes and magically wish it to all go away, it will? I don't think so.

When you go out and see the same homeless people (who really are homeless) working the same interesection every day when it's 110F, do they REALLY like doing that?

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