Saturday, August 11, 2012

How to Be Heard on a Global Scale

More of fighting symptoms today. Screaming in my car, punching out the steering wheel, trying not to attack anyone in the process. Now, it's stay home and enjoy some tea.

Also, here's an idea. We won't get into the specific sea of global triggering stuff that's happening. You know you're part of the world better than anybody. Instead, let's put out some positive energy.

Regardless of whatever your beliefs are, there's one constant. Everything is made up of energy. Just like gravity is always there, same thing with energy. If you agree, it only makes sense that positive karma creates an effect.

Is this some "conspiracy theory"? Not at all. This has actually been scientifically tested. When a large group of people focused on spreading positive energy, it was actually detected in the earth's magnetic field. This tells me that this does work.

Why not then spend some time doing this instead of adding to the global-corporate-hate-whatever that seems to be spreading all over the world. Another option? Turn off  your TV. Stop buying newspapers and magazines that you don't agree with. How long will this take in your busy schedule? Maybe 10 seconds. If millions of people did this, someone would pay attention. I don't know who. Someone would.

The point is yes, it is your choice in the end. Endlessly recycling the same comments doesn't work. IF you want to be heard, make it count.

Just one opinion.

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