Thursday, August 23, 2012

The ONLY Assange Post We'll Ever Do Here

Unfortunately, some rich and powerful people are saying some really idiotic things about rape survivors (the two Swedish women in the Assange case). I won't go into all the details, because I'm sure you know who they are. Also, no need to make dissociating and other symptoms worse.

Instead, some questions that maybe they should consider:

Have you ever been raped? If not, who are you to judge these women?

Since when are you experts on what's a sound legal case to be prosecuted and what isn't? Where did you go to law school? Oh, right. You didn't. But you're still an expert on Swedish criminal law?

Did you ever consider that moronic comments like yours only make ignorance about rape and rape survivors worse? Probably not.

In the endless comments and "coverage" of this case, 99.9% of it is about women rape survivors. How come the various "pundits" refuse to talk about guy survivors?

What if in this case it was two Swedish guys filing rape complaints against an Australian woman? Would they be ridiculed? Would anyone take them seriously?

We all know that prosecutors won't go forward with a case unless they believe there's a high chance of success. All criminal matters have statutes of limitations. By hiding out in the Ecudorian Embassy, Assange can run these out. If he does, then the complaints are no longer valid. This means that Sweden has no reason to extradite. Assuming this could mean years, how will Assange spin the press for that long to his side?

One problem in this case is subjective amnesia. Many people only want to believe what they want to hear. Most have never been to Sweden. They don't know anything about the Swedish legal system or rape laws. Yet, all of them know that this is a CIA setup to send Assange to Guantanemo. Nobody stops to consider various people (Spielberg, Michael Moore, John Pilger and others) who continue to make money off of Assange.

Does this mean that in this capitalist system, personal fame and fortune outweigh rape laws and legitimate rape survivors that deserve to be heard and get some type of justice?

You be the judge.

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