Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Product or a Person?

Some focus at the moment as we try to keep body chemistry in mind. If you go to far in either direction, you can't focus and PTSD symptoms seem magnified. Where's the balancing point? It's different for everyone.

In our case, it seems like lots of extremes. One minute you have some sense of clarity. You can focus for 30 seconds and not dissociate. Then, you're one step above offing yourself. While we would never do that, how do you cope when you feel totally worthless? Nobody wants anything to do with you. It's not your fault, and you know that's not true. Despite that, the idea is still there.

It feels like an endless football game. You literally fight for every inch against an opponent that just wants to beat you down. Nobody will listen to you or help you because, you're their worst nightmare? Instead, some will try to be polite when they really want you to just go away. Most rational people wouldn't tell a woman rape survivor to shut up and go away. What the hell's wrong with you? She didn't ask to be raped.

This is considered normal. The proper thing for rational, decent people to do. However, if it's a guy survivor, that goes out the window?

That's just too weird.
The number is so small that nobody cares.
That's your problem. You were stupid enough to get raped? What's your problem?

Would you say any of that to women who get raped? No. Why? Because that's sick.

Yet, guy survivors don't exist. If we can manipulate this for ratings or to sell papers, fine. If not, people are sick of this shit.

How would you feel if someone said that to you? Everywhere you turn, nobody will listen or help in any way.

Would you trust anyone? If someone says they care about you, are they lying?

If a celebrity comes out and says they're a rape survivor, that's their choice. If they write a book and do the talk shows to promote it, that's also their choice. On the other hand, many of these people are set for life. If they choose to get help, being denied care do to a "pre-existing condition" isn't a problem. It's the best money can buy.

A question. In this case, are you helping to get an important message out? Or, are you merely hyping a product for profit?

In many avenues, various diseases and other problems are a punchline. Many don't directly say this person suffers from depression, PTSD or something else. Instead, it's "that problem". "His issues". Or, "the guy's a fucking nutcase". But we still love to watch him play.

If you're a rape survivor, are you a commodity to be manipulated for profit? Or, are you a human being that didn't ask for this but also deserves respect?

That's one reason why this blog will never be owned by some giant corporation. No Google Ad Sense ads. No online store pushing everything you can imagine. It's all free.

In return, just spread this to everyone you think it could help. Unless it could potentially hurt someone in some way.

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