Monday, August 20, 2012

It's a High Stress Day(contains potentially triggering content. Read at your own risk)

Back to the grind. Also, it's a really high triggering content day. Think of it as a really bad smog alert. You try to go outside, and can literally see the brown air all around you.

Our suggestion? Unless you have to deal with this stuff for work or some other reason, don't. Nobody else will protect you as you heal from the trauma that you're dealing with. I still struggle with that feeling of being abandoned. Some just want nothing to do with you, and will do anything to change the subject. Does this mean you're really bored with talking about this? Or, am I your worst nightmare, and you just want me to shut up and go away?

Can you trust anyone? I'd like to think that out of the other roughly 7 billion people on the planet, there's at least one that I can. The problem is when you've had a really long streak of being treated like dirt, it's extremely tough to do that. You don't want to be burned out, angry and cynical all the time. On the other hand, can you trust them?

Without listing a lot of triggering stuff that would totally spoil your day, it seems like there's a growing amount of selective amnesia. Basically, you choose to see only what you want to see. The other stuff magically doesn't exist (even when you know it does). This means in many cases that many groups won't work together, because there's no reason to. It's every person for themselves. How much can we spin this for maximum ratings or profit? In some cases, if you try to speak out, the Powers that Be instantly try to beat you down. Their idea seems to be who has more money, power and time. In other cases, it's just silly trolls cutting each other down for the thrill of seeing it online? Who knows.

What should you do? Unless you have to deal with it, don't. This will mean having more free time for other stuff. This also means that the said Powers that Be will have less profit. Because we all know that to really be heard, (a) you have to do something big to be seen as a "story with legs". Then (b), where are you trending on social media? Are you hot or not? If everyone who doesn't like a particular TV program stops watching it (potentially millions?), the network will pay attention. Could a network's ratings go down 50% in one week? That's not just a "Newsroom" story line. It is possible to do that.

Why then don't people do it? Because not all but many love to bitch from the comfort of their couch. Then again, they don't seem to realize that not adding to the corporate profit will take maybe ten seconds out of their day. What's more fun? Be lazy and bitch.

Unfortunately, that doens't work. Also, we won't rehash millions of posts, books, articles, DVD's, documentaries and "explosive inside bestsellers that tell you the TRUE INSIDE story (did I already say inside?)" about what we already know. See the previous two paragraphs.

Be selective about what and who you deal with, as much as possible. Why? Because, how valuable is your peace of mind as you try to heal from trauma?

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