Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Everyone Deserves to Be Heard

Really fighting to keep our balance and to feel like we're being heard. Do you have those days when you ask, is anyone paying attention? Does anyone care that I'm here? Not always, but at times you feel like your life flashes before you. It's like a highlight reel of endless examples where you're screaming for help, and nobody listens. They laugh in your face, they insult you, they say it's YOUR fault. Then, just go away.

You see this and feel like saying what's the point? That's not a death wise in any way. That's just being honest. Would anyone care if I wasn't here? I've had a long streak of others in person who didn't care. Do I matter to you at all? You keep saying I do. Then you say it's your fault.

You can't have it both ways. Do you only choose to see what you want to see? The rest just doesn't exist because you can't be bothered to deal with it?

There's no monopoly on suffering from trauma. Women don't get bonus points in suffering because in general guys still have more power over women. I don't have all of the problems that a women rape survivor does. However, I have many that society refuses to deal with.

The number of guy survivors is so small, that alone reinforces that women survivors deserve more attention because guys have power? That's insulting and weak. If any women mental health professionals really believe that, get a different career.

How come women survivors can have rape testing kits to help them, but guys can't?

How is the pain and humiliation of rape different for a guy than it is for a woman? Human beings in pain are human beings in pain. Period.

How many reputable mental health professionals would tell a woman to her face that it's her fault for being raped? Society says show compassion. You just don't do that. Yet, if it's a guy, human decency goes out the window because it's just too freaking weird to deal with a guy survivor?

All trauma survivors deserve to be heard. Not doing that only perpetuates ignorance that some rich and powerful people are spreading.

If a guy survivor speaks out, why not show some respect by actually listening? If you try to reassure them with a non-threatening hug, you won't get raped. How would you like it if literally no one ever hugged you or touched you in any way to try and help you after some trauma happened? I've only had one person do that for me. One person. Ever.

What kind of effect does that have on you? I'd like to believe that I'm not permenantly damaged in any way. Yet, much of society says piss off and go away. We don't want you here. Merely because of being raped, which wasn't my fault.

Just like the headline says, there's no monopoly on suffering. There's no group that are the only ones who really get it, and the rest just need to shut up and go away. Attitudes like that only add to the current idiotic and insulting garbage that's everywhere.

All rape survivors deserve to be heard equally.

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