Saturday, September 15, 2012

Let's Review the Rules

Kind of overcast today as we went to another potential job interview. No interview, but the usual "if we like you, we'll call you. Don't call us". Then, catching up on writing and other stuff at home. Also, some time to just turn off and just listen to quiet.

Time now to explain a key idea here. At times, the Powers that Be do really stupid stuff that forces us to break our "no triggering current event content" here to make a point. Since we started this blog, the ONLY time we'll post current event stuff is IF it helps to explain something about some type of trauma. If not, we won't do it. If you want to read progressive political content, please go check one of the millions of progressive blogs.

The rules here are very basic:

If we post potentially triggering content, we always try to put a disclaimer. It's only fair.
No progressive political content UNLESS it helps to explain something about trauma.
No Google Ad Sense ads.
No online store pushing everything from T-shirts to coffee mugs and anything else we can unload on you.
No corporate partners, and for this reason. In every case that we've seen this done, that means having to deal with boardroom decisions that many times do anything but help the overall purpose of this blog. Why then would you willingly put yourself in that position? Sorry, but people's trauma and healing is not a corporate profit center.
If you link to us, please NO SPAM links (Russian mafia, buy gold now, Ron Paul in 2012, etc.).
If you're a trauma therapist and you help people with PTSD, great. However, please. No trolling here for new business. It's unethical and you could lose your license if you get caught. Then again, you already knew that.

Everything here is for free. In return, please only link and post us where you believe it will help and not hurt anyone's overall healing.

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