Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Lot to Deal With

Did I mention this already? Found out that my car is totalled. Now, waiting to hear from the
claims adjustor about my settlement offer. Also, lots of shopping for a used car and other stuff. I'm trying really hard to keep my balance as best I can. How do we get thru the next five seconds?

Dissociating is still tough to deal with. Is the other person a threat, or not? Will the other people walking by me in the store pull out a weapon and try to kill us? Hyperawareness is still there. We still don't feel safe around some people that we know.

Body memory and pain is still there. Do you still have to fight off endless lucid dreams? We scream at times and aren't sure. Will we black out? If we do, what happens then?

How do we get thru the next five seconds?

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