Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It Has to Come Out

It's a very triggering kind of day. Everything has to be screened. Listen to online radio for maybe 10 seconds at a stretch. Then, turn it down or just off and do something else. You can't read that. You can't watch this. What do you do?

Maybe the first is to trust your intuition. This won't help. I can't eat some of my old favorite foods because they're too depressing and make symptoms worse. At times, you don't know where you are. You have to check a room to make sure it's safe to be there. You check your car to make sure no one's hiding in the back. Go to a crowded store, and have an escape plan.

The pressure at times builds up, and you scream and fight to not black out.

It's not "abnormal". It's complex dissociative disorder and Rape Survivor Syndrome.

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